​​​​​​​Creating E-Commerce Website Specifics
This site is a High-End Italian made to order Furniture Website, that ships straight from Italy to the Client and specializes in Private & Commercial Interior Styling for clients with distinctive taste.
​​​​​​​The Clients are out of the Ohio area and were very specific as to their Vision and Function.
As the translator to their vision, my job was to ensure the message they wanted to communicate in terms of function, style, colors, layout, links, SEO, meta tags, and exchange of language and currency. 
UI/UX designer & Research
Overview: for Donatajaq website
Translating an Italian Made to Order Product with a delivery time frame of (4 to 6 months) into American E-Commerce Website, with over 250 Products available.
Problem Statement:
Language & Currency Translation, Product Description and Creative Writing that would speak to the American Markets, Researching Market, Time, and Legal Documentation, selecting from the 250 products that my client's wanted to showcase on their Website.
Users and Audience:
High End Clientele (Commercial & Private)
Roles and Responsibilities: 
Lead UI/UX Designer, Front - End, Coding, User Testing Researching, Documentation, Look & Feel of End Product.
Scope and Constraints:
60 Day Launch, Language & Currency barrier, Shipping Costs & Customs Legal Documentation. 250 Products to Library.
          My Steps & Design Process for all Sites:
1. Research & Content Gathering.
Establishing open lines of Communication (Phone & Video Conferences, Email. Creating the library (CMS) for assets using Adobe CS Illustrator and Photoshop for images and editing. Acrobat & AEM for forms, assets, and marketing materials. Adobe
2. Development, Prototyping, Site Map, User flow.
Now, it was time to start putting the pieces in place for designing the Web & Mobile Site. Adobe CS is my Creative Tool. I love the way it all integrates. My approach was using Design Thinking for exploring and/or meeting challenges. Lean for the framework for best practices and outcomes, Agile for changes in the vision or software, and comparative analysis, for market research. Websites are Optimized for Search Engine indexing, (SEO), meta-tagged, SSL Certified, and Enabled to except payments online, and set-up account for Hosting. Before going live, we do five test runs for best practices, changes and/or debugging.
3. Styles, Design, Migration. 
Before Launching, everything from documentation for the operating business, Cost in Shipping Fees, Marketing and End User Research has to be in place. I was the Lead Designer, Front-end Developer, Interrupter, Client Advocate, Manufacture's Confidant, Researcher, Tester, and yet, I remain focus for the end product goals.
4. Launch / Digital Strategy.
The Launch depends on content and interactive protocols (DLC) Development Life Cycle and budget. Clients' satisfaction is the end-goal.. The Web & Mobile Site is regularly monitored, updated, SEO-ed, comparative Analyzed and Data Researched for Best Practices and Market disciplines.